5 Marketing Tips for Mortgage Brokers

by | Jan 26, 2018

Every avid marketer knows the gateway to modern marketing is online; the internet gives us a better and more cost-effective way to market our services to those that are looking for them. As a Mortgage Broker, there are many digital marketing tips and tricks you can employ to advertise your business and services. Nowadays, having an online presence is crucial, below are some of the tactics any mortgage broker can use to advertise his/her business:

1. Positive reviews

This is the essential part of any business but it’s often neglected loan officers and mortgage brokers. As an entity, positive feedback from clients will help you stand out from your competitors and showcase your business more predominantly on social media. Most clients base their judgments on these reviews before any purchase or deal is made. Negative reviews will obviously chase potential clients away while positive reviews will serve as an efficient marketing tool.

2. Blogging

Creating a blog with news and relevant industry information or experiences from your professional life are both good examples of articles people like to read and discuss. Make certain to add valuable information and write the content in a manner that it’s relatable and feels just like a one on one conversation with the reader. There are a number of benefits to blogging:

  • Great content keeps people curious in you and your organization
  • Continuous “freshness” to your website in areas other than just your custom web design will boost your rank in search engines
  • The more quality your articles provide, the more your readers will enjoy your website, the more they will share on social networking and the more they will want to.
3. Social Media Marketing

This is just another aspect of internet marketing and many appear to be oblivious of its potential. Most agents do have accounts with social networking websites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and others, but don’t use it to its full potential for promotion purposes. In regards to social media, be open, honest and direct. Socialise with your followers and be available to answer questions. A structured system of communication towards the buyers such as promotions or advertisements is OK in moderation but individuals desire personal interaction today more than ever.

4. Create a website

All mortgage brokers, whether they care for their internet customers or not, need to have a mortgage broker website for credibility.Your site is basically an internet business card. Even if you don’t get business through the site, the company you do get, most likely, checked online to confirm your professionalism, legitimacy and expertise.

5. Email Marketing Newsletter

This involves sending emails to prospective already tracked leads informing them on your activities with the aim of making them potential clients. This method is used by most enterprises with an online presence to create awareness and remind the clients of their services. This is a relatively cheap method of marketing your company and its products, by having to constantly remind your clients with new updates and reasons as to why they should contact you.

Written By Robyn Carrara

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